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"What we're dealing with is only a beginning, not the end of the problem. What about the state-owned enterprises?", asked Civic Platform MP, Cezary Tomczyk. The guest of "Fakty po Faktach" commented on the issue of bonuses for the members of Beata Szydło's cabinet that were to be donated to "Caritas" charity by 15 May. Waldemar Buda, MP from Law and Justice disagreed and stressed that chairpersons of the state-owned companies "earn 50 percent less". The guest of the second part of the programme was Senator Marek Borowski.

The meeting between the Polish prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki and the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker will take place on Wednesday at the EU summit in Sofia, informed the spokesperson for the Commission, Margaritis Schinas.

They first heard them whizzing through the air and then saw them cutting into walls and fences. Residents of Opatówko were literally dodging bullets. One and a half kilometers away a shooting competition was being held and the stray bullets from the guns of its 40 participants could have cost someone their life. The local prosecutor in Września is now investigating whether the shooting range was properly secured and if there were other violations.

Two police officers have just been finishing their shift when they were called to attend to a drunk man lying in the street. Instead of brining him into the station, they left him in a forest, where the 36-year-old man died. The officers were fired from the force while the prosecutor is investigating the events. Now the family of the deceased is asking how could this have happened?

A conference on Karl Marx became a scene straight out of a movie when police officers arrived unannounced to investigate the materials and take down personal information of those present. The officers wanted to determine whether or not the participants were propagating a totalitarian regime. While they say they were just responding to a tip-off, the Dean of the University of Szczecin claims they had no right to barge in to the event.

It has almost been one month and there is still no compromise. The disabled and their caretakers spent their 27th day protesting in the Sejm. While they wait for a move from the government, Law and Justice politicians are travelling around the country trying to generate support from their electorate. However, as their potential supporters are more interested in the demands of the protesters from Warsaw, they are asking more and more difficult questions.

Relations between Warsaw and Brussels continue to be shaky despite some improvements. The vice-president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans has clearly stated that article 7 will not be retracted at this moment in time. The procedure against Poland is set in motion but both sides say a dialogue is also underway.

While Law and Justice tours the country to try and increase it's electorate, it's the final call for ministers of Beata Szydło's government to hand over their bonuses. Despite the former prime minister saying they deserved the money, Tuesday is the deadline that the chairman of Law and Justice set for them to donate to the "Caritas" charity. However, for some, this is easier said than done.

"The government should backtrack from their faulty decisions, especially now that they have entered negociations with the European Commission," said the former President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski. He added that such action would be beneficial "for Poland, for Polish judiciary and democracy".

"I've never seen anything like this before. I understand that I had no entry pass but I've waited there for more than an hour. I'll go to the Sejm again and bring a chair and some water," said Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, an insurgent who fought in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. The guest of "Fakty po Faktach" was not allowed entry to the parliament building on Friday. The guests of the second part of the programme were Professor Antoni Dudek and Doctor Paweł Kowal.

"Whenever I speak with people with disabilities, very often it turns out that it's not the disablity itself that hurts them the most. What actually does hurt them is that they're being treated like aliens in our country," said in "Fakty po Faktach" Anna Dymna, actress and the head of the charity foundation "Against the Odds" which brings help to people with intellectual disabilities. The guests of the second part of the programme were Agnieszka Ścigaj from Kukiz '15 and Robert Kwiatkowski from Democratic Left Alliance.

"I feel that it's not only pride and arrogance of the government that we're dealing with, but also lack of humanity," said the leader of Modern Party, Katarzyna Lubnauer in "Fakty po Faktach". She referred to the reactions of some politicans of the ruling coalition, both from Law and Justice and the Alliace, to the protest of the disabled and their caretakers in the Sejm building. The guests of the second part of the programme were Doctor Tomasz Płudowski and Professor Ireneusz Krzemiński.