Court placed the man suspected of murdering 10-year-old girl under arrest


TVN24 News in EnglishTHe 22-year-old has heard another charge on Tuesday. The court decided to remand the suspect in custody

The man suspected of murdering the 10-year-old Kristina from Mrowiny (Lower Silesian voivodeship) has been also charged with abetment in the offence of murder. "He was encouraging another person to take part in the crime," the investigators say. They add that, according to evidence gathered so far, the murder was planned and prepared for some time. On Tuesday afternoon, on the request of the prosecutor's office, the court decided to place the 22-year-old under arrest.


The prosecutor also informed that the suspect will undergo psychiatric tests.

Detained after a tip-off

The 22-year-old accused of killing Kristina from Mrowiny is also suspected of desecrating her body. "Out of respect for the girl's family I don't want go into details, however, it was all staged to look as a crime committed by a paedophile," said Mariusz Pindera from the Prosecutor's Office in Świdnica. The charge of body desecration is connected with the charge of murder with extreme cruelty due to the motivation deserving special condemnation.

Furthermore, the prosecutor's office informed about another charge for the suspect. "He was charged with abetting, earlier on, another person to commit or be complicit in this murder," Pindera said.

According to evidence gathered so far, it appears the murder was planned and prepared for "some time". Most likely since May. After the murder had been committed, the police asked the public to provide any information that might have led to finding the suspect. A person called in who said that the man had been planning to kill the girl earlier on. "Thanks to this information, he was taken under consideration. It wasn't that we had considered him as a suspect from the start," Pindera referred to the information that appeared after the suspect was detained.

Leaky alibi

After he was detained, the 22-year-old is said to have instantly admitted to abetment to murder but but denied to commiting the crime. "He gave us his veriosn of events. It appeared that he had been preparing. He prepared an alibi for himself for the day of murder," the prosecutor said. That was not all, however. According to the investigators, at the time of the killing, when he was applying deadly blows with the knife, the suspect is believed to have made a series of things that were to point at someone else being the perpetrator. "A person with paedophile tendencies," Pindera explained.

There were gaps in the alibi the 22-year-old provided. That's why at night between Sunday and Monday a site verification was ordered. In its course, it turned out that his version was inconsistent. It was then when the man is said to have "cracked" and admit his guilt. On Monday evening, he pleaded guilty to all of the charges pressed againts him.

The investigators stressed that the man is the only suspect in this case and that "there is no evidence on anyone else helping him".

On Tuesday, 18 June, The Regional Court in Świdnica received a request from the prosecutor's office to arrest the suspect for three months. The court accepted the request.

Psychology student

The 22-year-old suspected of murdering the 10-year-old Kristina from Mrowiny was a resident of Wrocław. On Sunday, when the police officers came for him, heis said to have been in an empty flat of his late grandfather. "He was polite and would always say hello. He was coming here to mow his grandpa's lawn," one of the neighbours told "Gazeta Wrocławska". Another local resident added: "I can only say that he was a quiet boy".

According to unofficial information, the 22-year-old was studying psychology at one of the Lower Silesian private schools. Before that he is said to have studied management. Friends from his school refer to him as being "normal". He is also said to have lived at his parent's home in Wrocław, a few kilometres from the place where he was detained. He comes from a good family. "This is a huge tragedy and we will have to live with it until the end of our days," the mother of the suspect told "Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław".

The man is said to have met the mother of the murdered girl after the woman's return from Ireland. He is also said to have fallen in love with the mother of three. The woman was older than him. He was often seen in Mrowiny. The woman is said to have referred to him as his cousin. "He was taking those kids to the theatre, circus and cinema," said one of the residents of the village.

Also unofficially, the man is believed to have been jealous about the girl.

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