Trump: the USA stands "shoulder to shoulder" with the Three Seas Initiative countries


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Trump: the USA stands "shoulder to shoulder" with the Three Seas Initiative countriesTVN24 BiS
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“Our cooperation is meant to give Europe three impulses: modernizing, integrating and uniting,” President Andrzej Duda said at the inauguration of the II Summit of the Three Seas Initiative. He emphasized that thanks to the Three Seas Initiative, the European Union will become increasingly stronger. US president Donald Trump, special guest of Thursday’s summit, assured that the United States stands “should to shoulder” with the Three Seas Initiative countries.

Trump, addressing the participants of Thursday’s summit, emphasized that this event was historic and stated he was honored to be able to participate in it. He noted that the representatives of the Three Seas countries were meeting in a city where “impossible things had become possible many times before.” The US president also said that every one of the 12 Three Seas countries has an “inspiring history.”

The US president also pointed out that due to cooperation under the Three Seas Initiative, the countries participating in it will become stronger than they ever were before.

According to him, the Three Seas Initiative summit will, among other things, “launch a new future for an open market of cheap energy, which will bring greater security and prosperity to all our citizens.”

The US president also emphasized that his country will never “take advantage of energy to force anything,” and will not allow others to do so.

Trump assured that the USA would support the aspirations of the Three Seas countries to “greater prosperity and security.” He also expressed the view that the Three Seas Initiative could contribute to the reconstruction of the entire region and guarantee its ties to Europe and the Western world.

The president of the United States also spoke out in favor of establishing a Three Seas business forum, which would assist the countries of the region in building the latest projects with the help of the best talents in the energy sector, and do so “below cost and ahead of schedule.”

In his view, the Three Seas Initiative has the potential to “achieve all these very, very important goals very quickly".

The US president emphasized that his country is also ready to help and meet other needs of the Three Seas countries when they arise. He mentioned in this context the purchase of military and other equipment. Trump further emphasized that the USA has the best technology in this field.

He also said that due to expanded trade and new infrastructure in the United States, a huge system of innovation will be initiated which will be safe, responsible and environmentally friendly.

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