"Trump could be Putin’s nightmare"


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"Trump could be Putin’s nightmare"TVN24 BiS
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“It’s probably the most beautiful speech delivered by a president of the United States on Polish soil,” Adam Bielan, deputy speaker of the Senate, said on TVN24 BiS "Fakty z Zagranicy."

“There have been many other important speeches by American presidents, but no one has spoken so beautifully not only about Polish history, but also about Poland’s role in the Western world,” he added.

According to Bielan, “It was the most anti-Russian speech of all of Donald Trump’s speeches so far,” which belies all the suggestions made after the new US president’s victory that he could conduct a pro-Russian [foreign] policy. “Trump could be Putin’s nightmare,” Bielan opined.


Źródło zdjęcia głównego: Fakty z zagranicy

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