The royal couple will visit the Shakespeare Theatre. "For me, it is a touching moment"


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The royal couple will visit the Shakespeare Theatre. "For me, it is a touching moment"tvn24
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William and Kate will find time to visit the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre during their stay in the city. Charles, Prince of Wales, father of Prince William, helped build the theatre.

“A quarter of a century ago we won the patronage of Prince Charles. Without his help, the theatre probably would not have been built,” says Jerzy Limon, director of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre.

The Prince of Wales came to Gdańsk in 1993 and saw the site where the theatre would later appear. “I walked him around the car park, where we sketched the outline of the theatre. For me, this is a touching moment, because the visit of his son, to whom I will have the pleasure of showing our work, is a wonderful capstone of this story,” says Limon.

Limon would like the royal couple to remember the theatre as a place that joins the Elizabethan tradition to modernity, as it is equipped with many technical innovations, including a sliding roof, so that plays can be watched in natural light – as in Shakespeare's times.

The director regrets that the visit will be so brief, like “an express train passing”. “Security service officers and embassy staff have been inspecting our theatre for the past several weeks. They want to make sure that everything goes well and according to schedule,” he said.

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